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Horizontal Wheat Scourer, Beyase Horizontal Wheat Scourer

Product name:Horizontal Wheat Scourer, Beyase Horizontal Wheat Scourer

Product Name:Horizontal Wheat Scourer, Beyase Horizontal Wheat Scourer

The horizontal wheat scourer is normally equipped with an aspiration channel  or a recycling aspiration channel at its outlet. They can efficiently remove detached hull particles or surface contamination from the grain.

Working principle of horizontal wheat scourer:
Wheat seed goes into horizontal wheat scourer, after striking of string board and friction of sieve, impurities on surface of wheat seed will be cleaned and wheat skin will be wiped out, which can increase the flour precision.

Feature of Beyase horizontal wheat scourer:

1.Intelligent design ensures constant product throughput.

2.Longer machine life through durable construction.

3.Easy and convenient maintenance.

4.Quiet operation through low-vibration design.

5.Continuous, trouble-free process for consistent product quality.

6.High flexibility–exact adaptation to customer needs.

7.Easy service thanks to an optimized design.

8.Robust design leads to lower running costs.

Application of horizontal wheat scourer:

1. Horizontal wheat scourer of FDMW series is one of the ideal machines for flour milling machine to clean dry wheat.

2. It can not only smash the clods in the wheat but also can smash and remove the deteriorated wheat with low strength.

3. The machine can also clean the dust on the surface and remove the mud, sand and awn in the wheat.

4. The smashed mud and fine impurities will be separated through the holes in the sieve and will be discharge through the dust outlet. Especially when processing flour of certain grades, the horizontal wheat scourer is a necessary piece of equipment to reduce the ash content in flour and improve the purity.

5. Currently, many horizontal wheat scourer have been used to clean the rapeseeds and used in the brewing industry for cleaning of impurities and have achieved good results.

Main Technical:
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