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Flour Grinder Machine, 60T/D Wheat Flour Grinder

Product name:Flour Grinder Machine, 60T/D Wheat Flour Grinder

Product Name: Flour Grinder Machine, 60T/D Wheat Flour Grinder

We can offer 10T/24H-500T/24H Turkey flour grinder machine with high quality standard with advace tech level. High efficiency,rational layout,stabble running,low noise and long using life.

Our wheat flour grinder machine includes clean part,flour milling part and packing part.

1, The cleaning part of wheat flour mill grinder:

Beating → screening  →   destoner  →  magnetic separator  →   dampening.

To ensure the flour quality and the working life of the mill by removing the impurities in the wheat before go to mill.

(1 sifting-2 scouring-2 destoning-2 magnetic separating-1 washing-1 air separating or 2 sifting-2 scouring-2 destoning-3 magnetic separating-1 washing-1 air separating,  this technology has the advantage of good cleaning effect, high efficiency, low power consumption, good effect of dust removing and no flying dust;)

2,The flour milling part of wheat flour mill grinder machine:

milling  → sifting

Include different number of mill and sifter to mill the wheat and seperate the flour and bran.

(1) mill:mill the wheat to break the intergrity by the roller moving

(2) sifter: to seperate the flour,bran and semolina to ensure flour quality.

(The milling part adopts 4break-4reduction-1scratch-2bran brushing techniques with 2 flour extracting passage, (5-6F2550 roller mill, 5-6F2240 roller mill,4-83 double section plansifter,2-conveyor,2-bran brusher, thus has the advantage of high production efficiency, easy maintenance, the flour grinder machine adopts roller milling, synchronous belt  driving, high productivity, low noise, no flying dust and easy maintenance.)

3. Packing part of wheat flour grinder:

The packing part is totally autamatic; it can be designed according to requirement and machinery capacity.

Complete Set of Wheat Flour Grinder Machine:

Technicial index of wheat four grinder:

Grade 1 flour:≥65%,Grade 2 flour:≥75%,Standard flour: ≥80%

Final product quality index of this flour grinder machine:

(1). Flour thickness content:100-150 mesh

(2). Magnestic metal content: not more than 0.003g/kg;

(3). Sand content: not more than 0.002%;

(4). Water: preservable : 13.5-14.5;

Equipment total power: 120kw;

Equipment land occupation: length*width*height: 30×7×7m

This is a part of details. And you can regard it as a reference. I can provide the details according to different capacity and process type.

Flow diagram of wheat flour girnder machine:

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