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Flour Mill Project, 150T/D Maize Flour Mill Project Cost

Product name:Flour Mill Project, 150T/D Maize Flour Mill Project Cost

Product Name: Flour Mill Project, 150T/D Maize Flour Mill Project Cost

We provide a turnkey flour mill project of our machienry, including special design, installation, commissioning and training workers.

The process of flour milling (from maize to milled into maize flour) usually consist of the following:

1. Maize storage (silos, or warehouse).

2. Cleaning system (sifter, destoner, separator, magnet, scourer, etc).

3. Dampening (dampener, conditioning silos, etc).

4. Milling system (roller mill, plansifter, purifier, impact detacher, etc.).

5. Flour packing and stacking system.

Advantages of 150T/D Maize Flour Mill Project:

1. We provide Turnkey Project 10T-300T/24H complete maize flour milling machine.

2. One year spare parts for free.

3. One year guarantee.

4. Lifelong service.

5. Advanced technology support & customized design.

6.High quality & competitive price.

7.Dust-free design & low power consumption.

Main parameters:

Products variety
1) Maize fine flour 2) Maize germ 3)Maize bran 4) Fodder flour
Per centum
1)Maize flour:75~78%
2)Maize germ:7-10%
3)Maize bran and Fodder flour: 13-18%
Power supply
About 350kW
Workshop (L×W×H)
Quality guarantee period
One year

Our Turnkey Maize Flour Mill Project Picture:

After-sales serives:

1. One year spare part (sifter cloth, vee belt, bearing)

2. We will arrange chief engineers/technicians etc to guide the flour mill project installation, do the single machines unload testing, in charge of whole plant technology adjust and complete machine commissioning, training loca l workers, help customers produce the flour products in market demand.

Online inquriry

Customers please note: (1). Please indicate: the capacity and type of the machinery that you need when you inquiry.

(2). We will reply to you within 12 hours. (3). Welcome your inquiry.

(4). Please make sure the information you filled is accurate.

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