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Maize Milling Machines For Sale

Product name:Maize Milling Machines For Sale

Product Name:Maize Milling Machines For Sale

         Our maize flour machine adopts pneumatic control that has the advantages of high sensitive action, clean with no polution to the environment. It can be used by single or combined style. The feeding system adopts double grinding rollers, together with the drive to achieve stablity and reliablity.

         We provide the complete wheat and maize flour mill machine in 5T--200T/24h capacity, also supply with techniques and more advanced flour milling experience with roller mill.

Advantages of the maize flour milling machine:

         Novel structure, discharging equally, less noise, good stability, easy operation, convenient maintenance etc.

Maize Milling Machine Description:

         (1)  Turnkey project  of flour milling machinery.

         (2)  Advanced technology support and customized design.

         (3)  Thorough crafts and rational allocation.

         (4)  Low power consumption.

         (5)  Perfect after-sales service.

         (6)  One year guarantee.

Main parameters 

Production Capacity (T/24h)
Main machines and
processing techniques
High efficiency vibration sifter, Destoner, Washer stoner, Damper, Peeling crusher, Embryo separator, Polisher, Grading machine, Roller mill, Multi-selection plansifter, Super-micro-particle pulverizer
Products and
extraction rate (%)
Corn flour: 40-50%
Corn grits: 35-40%
Corn bran, coarse fodder:10-12%
Embryo: 8-10%
It can produce fine corn flour (all through 100M fiter)
Products quality index
Sand content: ≤0.02%
Fat content: ≤2.5%
Magnetic metal content: ≤0.003%
Moisture content: ≤13.5-14.5% (based on the raw corn according with national standard for raw grain storage)
Power required (kW)
Around 300
Size of workshop(L×W×H, m)
3-storey building or single storey workshop (30×8×10)

Online inquriry

Customers please note: (1). Please indicate: the capacity and type of the machinery that you need when you inquiry.

(2). We will reply to you within 12 hours. (3). Welcome your inquiry.

(4). Please make sure the information you filled is accurate.

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