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Brand, Quality and Service Competition in Flour Mill Industry
Author: Time:2014-9-16

 Wheat Flour mill industry in China has developed rapidly, especially since the food markets open up, raw grain of wheat and flour market instability,many wheat flour mills facing high challenge in the market. 

The lack of self-owned brand in WHEAT FLOUR MILL exists in the early extensive pattern development of the market, such as the product quality is not high, after-sales service is not perfect, and problem such as the lack of new products began to slowly fermentation. Risk resistance capacity of self-owned brand wheat flourmill is weak, and the market share of new products begins to decline.
Building a brand is not easy. Wheat flourmill enterprise brand building must have two conditions: the product quality and service. Through wheat flourmill is relatively small in industrial categories, good product quality and service are helpful for brand building.
China is a big food country, combined with the current more and more people pursue the green environmental protection health food, flour processing industry comes into the boom, and driven by interests, all kinds of wheat flour mills have appeared, which cause a cluttered market, in this case, wheat flour mill should know how to management to improve the competition strength and expand the business to world market.

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