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Development And Production of Special Flour
Author:Mary Time:2014-9-17

Special flour, commonly known as the special flour, tailored flour, is a general term of flour which is different from common wheat flour. The so-called "special", refers to the kind of flour that is specific to a particular food, special flour must meet the following two conditions:one is the must meet the food quality requirements, can meet the food color,fragrance, flavor, taste and appearance characteristics; two is to meet the food processing technology, which can meet the food the processing and manufacturing requirements and process.

The middle of the last century, abroad companies have developed for weak gluten flour, strong flour, bread flour, biscuit powder and is exclusively used for some special food. Because of many kinds of special flour at present, corresponding to the developed countries there are dozens, even hundreds, of flour production has accounted for more than 95% of total output. Special flour in China started in the80's of last century, due to grain quality, process conditions, the market acceptance of capacity constraints, special flour production has accounted for a small proportion. 

In recent years, with the continuous cultivation of good quality wheat varieties in China and larger area of cultivation, with the improvement of living standards, using flour as the main raw material of food requirements to diversification, high grade, especially the vigorous development of instant food, baking food, frozen food that have requirement on the specificity of flour, all-purpose flour has been completely can not meet the requirements. This put forward higher requirements on the special flour enterprises development and production technology, in order to produce special flour milling enterprises suitable for processing all types of food.

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