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Flour Milling Industry Characteristics
Author: Time:2014-9-18

1. The industry adopts electricity as the main power, has high mechanization degree, but low technology content. Flour processing in our country at present hasn’t formed a reasonable system. Less investment for professional development of science and technology for the production of flour and production equipment is relatively backward, leading to production at a lower level circulation, belong to one of the industries with excess capacity.
2. Low value-added products, short production cycle, simple technology. Alternative raw material is not strong, the product difference is not large, bigger production capacity, and different flour quality, types in the different sized factories, the purpose is roughly same, belong to the same target market, product production condition limited by the concentration of dust, and other restricts, is a one-stop production type continuous operation.
3. The material is given priority to with local materials, market admittance is strict. Most of the industry based on agricultural area, benefit on the acquisition of raw materials. After processing, products sell to different types of enterprises; As countries pay more and more attention to food safety, according to "food safety law" regulation, products must pass a prefecture-level flour quality and technical supervision department approval, before entering the market.
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