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Purifier Application in Flour Industry
Author: Time:2014-9-19

Powder cleaning machine (Purifier) is a kind of flour and food processing machinery. It will Isolated the pure endosperm particles from the mill grinding material. Equipped with a dual 2 sieve surface layer of one screen body or with 2 or 3 layers of sieve surface double sieve body, is composed of the air duct, air chamber, and each layer of screen is composed of 4 different mesh sieve lattices which are connected in series. The screen body is supporting by four different sized rubber spring, and driven by the eccentric vibration motor. Air flow from the sieve body bottom upward through the 2 or 3 layers of screen, into the 32 air chamber on upper part of sieve body, the air volume is adjusted between two wind chamber interface. The comprehensive effect of vibration, screen and airflow can make the powder roughly divided into  3 layers according to the proportion, particle shape, surface characteristics and aerodynamic  characteristic. Light bran sucked, leather endosperm be collected as the objects on the screen output and sent to the mill again. Pure and comparatively pure endosperm particles as undersize before entering the mill for further grinding into flour. The main widely used now 49 powder cleaning machine and 60 powder cleaning machine.
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