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Beyase Cornmeal Production Machines
Author:Mary Time:2014-9-18

Cornmeal is made from dried corn kernels that have been ground into one of three textures: fine, medium or coarse. Fine is often called "corn flour," medium is the most commercially available, and coarse is also known as "polenta."

Cornmeal is yellow, blue or white depending on the type of corn used. It lends a sweet, robust flavor to everything from pancakes and spoonbread to Parmesan polenta and fried green tomatoes.

cornmeal pudding (or porridge) usually boiled in water or milk. It is often allowed to set, or gel into a semi solid, then cut into flat squares or rectangles, and pan fried. Usage is especially common in the eastern and southeastern United States. It is also customary for those in the Midwestern US to eat it with maple syrup or molasses. In Eastern Europe instead of boiling in milk, it is poured over the meal once served and cooled down. Corn meal mush is often consumed in Latin America and Africa.

Beyase Machinery has a lot experience in yellow or white corn/maize meal milling machines production and installation. Welcome your inquiry on them. We will provide the most suitable machines.

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